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Today's Featured Article : Discover How to Make Your Career Transition

There are times when we suddenly realize at the middle of our career that we are unhappy with our work. These instances occur when we did not give much thought to what we want to do in life before we even chose the career we want. Often times we end up with a job that we do not love and we end up cursing our jobs. It is never too late to make that decision. There will always be a time for change. As early as now, learn how to make a career transition. Getting help from a career transition coach may be the best option to take. However, here are some steps to help you know how to make a career transition.

First thing you should consider is thinking about your job in not a one-dimensional term. Career should not be defined just by the job name or description like a programmer, designer, or writer. Career is made up of two components. It is comprised of the job itself which is defined by the duties you perform, the skills for that job, and the responsibilities that go with that job. The second component is the field which is where your job is being done. Which industry do you belong? You can be a salesperson in an IT field or be a salesperson in a medical field. Since you have realized that you need a career change and you want to know how to make a career transition, you should know which part you do not want. Is it the industry or the job itself, or both?

There are three methods in making a career transition. More often than not, individuals choose to change both the job and their field. This first option is changing your professional career entirely. The two other easier ways are changing the job while staying on the field, or change industry with the same job.

For example, you love selling but you do not want to sell houses any longer. What you want to sell is clothing apparel, accessories, and the like. The skills you use to sell a home will be the same skills you will need to sell clothes. On the other hand, you may love the real estate industry but do not want to sell homes any longer. If you are computer savvy and have been building websites as a hobby, why not create a real estate website? You can cater to real estate companies, brokers, or agents. You enjoy your hobby of creating websites while you stay in the real estate industry.

Now that you got that cleared out, it is easier for you to build a resume for the new job that you are vying for. Learning how to make a career transition can be tough at first. However, with the right tools and information, you will learn how to make a career transition in no time. Search online for more tips to help you get that dream job.

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